Monday, November 28, 2005

Beyond Red Bull: A kick in the tail

I thought I'd heard of every oddball sexual practice out there. Not that I'm particularly well-traveled, but I saw Clerks, I know what goes on.

Well, I was wrong. Viz: figging. It's sado-masochism with a tangy spice.

Among other points of interest, one of this entry's supporting documents -- "Figging - The Art of Ginger Root Play" -- was written by someone who takes the term "aficionado" to a whole new level.

Oddly enough, though, the most amazing piece of information here has nothing to do with "doms" or restraints. It's this:

Figging is the source of the expression "ginning up." (As in, to gin up dodgy statistics or sales figures.)

If I've ever thought about it, I assumed "ginning up" had something to do with gin. But according to the Boston Globe's Jan Freeman, the phrase originated with the horse-trader's practice of sticking ginger into horses' bottoms. The ginger made them hold their tails up and fidget, so broken-down nags seemed peppier.

Coincidentally, "ginger" is also a verb meaning "to invigorate or inspire." Ouch! I can see a whole new vista beyond the energy-drink craze here. Instead of Red Bull, we'll have ... Fire Tail. "When you really need to get your ass in gear..."

You are of course aware of Michael "Weiner" Savage's affinity for coffee enemas, yes?

(for health reasons only, of course).

No? well, um...guess you are now. you must be so pleased...

anyway, I figured it explained a lot, once I heard that.
(and, of course, he already does have an energy drink line, "Rock Star," I believe it's called; so maybe you're onto something there).
"Master Michael" (that is, the supporting document guy, not mr. savage) is the Martha Stewart of putting ginger up your ass!
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