Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Coco Chanel vs. Google -- who's the bigger whore?

I heard somewhere that Coco Chanel was a prostitute before she started the Chanel label. Wikipedia pussy-foots around the subject (literally!), saying only that she had “a couple affairs with generous wealthy men - a military officer and later an English Industrialist."

I’m disappointed. What’s the point of having a freewheeling informational collective full of lawsuit-provoking inaccuracies if you can’t come out and say Coco Chanel was a prostitute? Sheesh.

I decided to see how long it would take to verify Coco’s former occupation using non-Wiki sources. At Google, oddly enough, a search for the terms “Chanel” and “prostitute” produces the official Chanel site as the top result. But of course the official Chanel site makes no mention of the word “prostitute.”

I’ve never seen a Google search return a top result that didn’t even include one of the search terms, have you? It almost seems as though Chanel might, just possibly, have paid Google to ensure that its site appears at the top of Google’s results, no matter what Google’s algorithm would normally spit out.

Or maybe Google just thinks Chanel is a nice girl who deserves some help.

After all, it's a thin line.

**Image courtesy of angry cat and Photoshop whiz Catlebrity.

I looked up the same subject cuz I was very surprised when I read she was a hooker, all I knew of her was the perfume and the later very expensive pretty conservative looking clothes, but the biography as you said just made her the mistress of two wealthy men. Lucky break
She was a prostitute, then a seamstress, then a pretty successful hatmaker, then came d big brand, all d while living with wealthy gentlemen of course..
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