Monday, February 13, 2006

Fantasy vs. Reality

Did you know Wikipedia's entry on Festivus, the imaginary holiday invented by an imaginary person -- Seinfeld's Frank Costanza -- is longer than its entry on Presidents' Day (1848 words vs. 595 words)? That's not the only imaginary thing Wikipedia is preserving for posterity, either. Below, a few imaginary things and the word counts of their Wikipedia entries.

The Easter Bunny - 490 words
Harvey the Rabbit - 1,650 (in two entries, for the play and the movie)
The Boogeyman - 1,289 (note misspelling in entry. "Bogeyman," my ass!)
Professor Chaos -- 310 (within the entry for Butters Stoch)
Elves - 4,837
No Child Left Behind - 2,761
God - 13,508

Inspired by fellow Chicagoan and Festivus fan Cella Bella, whose blog I just discovered today.

No bagels no bagels no bagels!
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