Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wiki freaky

It's kind of a "wacky" coincidence (haw!) that Wikipedia's info-gathering practices became news just after I decided to do this blog. I never planned to focus on anything particularly controversial, but now that Wikipedia is turning up in the news every day I guess I'd better do something to be of, uh, news service. So I'll post some Wikipedia-controversy links in between the (far more central) figging and Coco Whore type stuff.

Today in Wikipedia World:

-Blogger Rogers Cadenhead learns founder Jimmy Wales engaged in informational skullduggery. Wired News, the UK's Inquirer and the Times agree, but neglect to mention they're re-reporting Cadenhead's scoop until several paragraphs into their stories. (Wired mentions it 4 graphs down; the Times, 5 graphs down. The Inquirer wins at 2 graphs, but it doesn't give Cadenhead a link.)

-PC Magazine gets excited: "How dangerous is Wikipedia"? Poor little reporter guy.

-eWeek gets even more excited: Wikipedia "Erects Accuracy Firewall." I guess it needs "protection." Haw!

-That Kennedy assassination doofus continues to yak about his persecution. Puh-leeze, Seigenthaler, like this isn't the most attention you've gotten since the Freedom Rides. Let's enjoy the Dealey Plaza Cam instead.

**Thanks, San, for the headline and story.

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