Sunday, January 08, 2006

All This Blog Are Belong To Me

If you don't know what this ridiculous thing is, congrats. You have a life, as many of us, clearly, do not.

"All Your Base Are Belong to Us" (Commonly abbreviated as AYB or AYBABTU for "convenience's" sake -- because these people are very, very busy) is a bunch of geeks laughing about a silly video game from 1989. The low-budget game was translated very poorly from Japanese, resulting in hilariously butchered English.

No, really, it is hilarious. I check out the AYB video at least every six months or so.

AYB has another level of humor too, namely, the effort to turn it into a meme so widespread that it will pop up in all sorts of places and eventually go down in history like Kilroy Was Here. Or Evil Bert.

In fact, according to Wikipedia, AYB is already a much more important part of our cultural memory than Kilroy Was Here. Let's compare:

All Your Base Are Belong To Us: Entry length: 5,592 words
Tulip mania: 3,872 words
Hula Hoop: 2,591 words
Better Dead Than Red: 2,065 words
Kilroy Was Here: 1,750 words
Evil Bert: 449 words
I Want You For the U.S. Army: No entry

I feel sort of sorry for Uncle Sam and the Army slogan. That's not "Great Justice"! (Get it? Get it? HAW!!)

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