Tuesday, January 10, 2006


What if a bunch of cheerleaders and homecoming queens had been in charge of propagating the Internet? We'd have keyboard shortcuts to dot i's with hearts and protocols to block sites that were too "mean." ICANN would be funded through bake sales and car washes.

But they didn't create the Internet, geeks did, and so we have jargon. Lots and lots of jargon. ROTFL, meme, Netizen, Wiki. IM, IP, ICANN.

Doing some research on Wikis today, I found a veritable smorgasboard of acronyms. So if you want to pass for a geek at the Kappa Rho Rush party, here are a few to know:

Wiki: A web site that a bunch of people all contribute to.
Bliki: A blog that a bunch of people can edit.
EvoWiki: The fact that wikis evolve over time.
Ouiki: "wiki-like environment, OUIKI, consisting of obfuscator, splitter, atom generator, and database." (Eh? If you can explain this to me, don't.)
Glog: Basically, a moblog.

So there you have it, girls. Have a great game.

are those girls the winners of the "queen of bjs" contest? rq
Doing some research for a friend--blogs to link to...
Gonna definitely show 'em this one!
Your sense of humor slips and slides in some incredible ways...

~ Alex
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