Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Me = MegaGeek (or MegaDumbass)

Looking back over my previous post, which I wrote a couple hours ago, I realized that I COMPLETELY UNINTENTIONALLY used jargon in my joke about extraneous jargon! Gah! There I was, trying to write a ludicrously simple definition of the term "Glog" ('cos that's COMEDY GOLD, people) and I wrote that it was "basically, a moblog." I didn't even notice. This is what it's come to. Or what I've come to.

I still think "Glog" is extraneous jargon, though. If there really are actual Cyborgs going around blogging from out in the world somewhere, there aren't enough of them to justify their own vocabulary term.

van damme drink glog! glog glog glog!
Always it has seemed to me that the terminology "Cyborg" can open many possibilities us.
Donna Haraway defines it in her texts and it is important that it is a motive of inspiration.
Regards of a Cuban
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